Main Characteristics 

Ku-band DNC consists of an RF Section, a Local Oscillator and a DC/DC Converter.

  •   RF Section converts the 14GHz input signals to the 12GHz signals using Local signal of 1248MHz(Type 1), 1748.5MHz(Type 2), 2289MHz(Type 3), 2789.5MHz(Type4), and 3,043MHz(Type 5).
  •  Local Oscillator provides the Local signal to the Mixer of the RF Section. TCXO is used for Local signal reference source.
  •  DC/DC Converter supplies the secondary voltage to the RF Section and the Local Oscillator. And it receives the Turn ON and OFF commands and provide the ON/OFF Status telemetry. 
  • Typical performance of Ku-band DNC is as follows; Gain: 25dB nom. / NF: 18dB max. / IP3: +30.5dBm min. / Pdc: 8W max.