Established: March 12, 2014
Revised 1:  May 04, 2018
Revised 2: March 02, 2023

To contribute to society by offering better products and services, we consider it to be our duty to protect the information assets we keep for our customers and partners as well as our own information assets. To achieve this, TESBL Aerospace("TESBL") declares the adoption of this information security statement and its implementation.
  • TESBL makes efforts to maintain an information security management system and to control its information assets appropriately.
  • TESBL builds up its internal rules and regulations so that they are in line with this statement.
  • TESBL continuously offers the training that is necessary to maintain information security.
  • TESBL implements human, organizational, and technological security controls to protect its information assets from unauthorized access, leakage, modification, theft/loss, denial of service attacks, or any other threat.
  • TESBL makes efforts to rapidly locate the root cause, keep damage to a minimum and prevent the recurrence if an incident posing a threat to information assets should occur.
  • TESBL complies with the laws and regulations as well as the national guidelines, the social standards and norms related to information security.
  • TESBL continuously reviews and improves those activities listed above.