The following data link services are available with CPDLC manufactured by TESBL Aerospace:

  • Data Link Initiation Capability (DLIC) – this service provides the necessary information to make data link communications possible between an ATSU and aircraft. The DLIC service is executed prior to the first use of any other data link application.
  • ATC Communications Management Service (ACM) – this service provides automated assistance to flight crew and controllers for the transfer of ATC communications (voice and CPDLC).
  • ATC Clearances Service (ACL) – this service allows flight crews and controllers to conduct operational exchanges – flight crews can send requests and reports and controllers can issue clearances, instructions, and notifications.
  • ATC Microphone Check Service (AMC) – this service allows controllers to send an instruction to all CPDLC capable aircraft on a given frequency (at the same time) to verify that their voice communication equipment is not blocking a given voice channel.
  • Departure Clearance (DCL) - this service provides automated assistance for requesting and delivering departure clearances to aircraft.
  • Downstream Clearance Service (DSC) - this service is provided for flight crews who are required to request and obtain clearances from ATS units that are not yet in control of the aircraft when they cannot get the clearance information via the current ATS unit through the unit to unit coordination.