TESBL Aerospace  is the leading provider of hazard control systems to commercial satellites, with experience building and integrating some of the world’s most powerful and complex satellites and spacecraft systems. The company has a long history of delivering reliable spacecraft systems for commercial and government customers around the world and currently has a large geostationary commercial capacity on orbit. The company’s reputation as a  leader is the result of its unparalleled commitment to mission assurance and its ability to provide advanced solutions that meet mission objectives based on space-proven heritage designs.

TESBL specializes, manufactures and supplies products in and for

Space Systems (SS)
Solar Array Drive Actuator (SADA)
Surveillance Air/Traffic Management (CNS/ATM)
Automatic Dependent Surveillance — Broadcast (ADS-B)
Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS)
Multi-functional Satellite Augmentation System (MSAS)
Controller-pilot data link Communications (CPDLC)
Information & Sensor Solutions (ISS)
Integrated Mission Systems (IMS)