TESBL Aerospace Corporation is a world-class prime systems integrator and electronic systems provider known for its rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions. Fast-growing and widely diversified, TESBL  is a high-tech electronics, engineering, and manufacturing corporation that continues to expand its impressive portfolio of capabilities, programs, products, and services.

TESBL is a privately held company under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Gopi Seti. Over the last 8 years under Seti's leadership, TESBL has remained focused on providing its customers with the very best in diversified technologies to meet their needs and has a strong and proven track record of success. TESBL is Headquartered in Inglewood, California.

Since TESBL was founded in 2009, the company has a strong tradition in developing and providing high technology electronics, avionics, and communications systems. Investing heavily over the years in people, processes, modern facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment, TESBL continues to enhance its technical advantage to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to exceed its customer's needs. With numerous successful and diverse acquisitions, TESBL continues to acquire new capabilities as it expands its tradition of excellence into new growth areas of Telemedicine, Cyber, Net-Centric Operations, Microsatellites, Space Flight and Commercial Aviation.

TESBL now has an extremely talented workforce most of whom are scientists, engineers, or technical personnel with college or advanced degrees, and all of whom are dedicated to satisfying customers' requirements. The company's six Business Areas, subsidiaries and affiliates operate from 33 locations in 8 countries including, England, Germany, Australia, Estonia & India along with numerous customer support sites throughout the world.