TESBL has the capability to provide a range of Solar Array Drive Actuators for a broad range of applications. 

TESBL can provide Solar Array Drives that are based on our Pointing Mechanisms architecture by adding slip ring assemblies and twist capsules.

For lower cost applications that are less technically demanding TESBL can provide a lower cost Solar Array Drive Actuator that features a twist capsule for limited array inertias. 

For applications that require more power transfer capability that can be provided with our pointing mechanisms TESBL can provide a dedicated Solar Array Drive Actuator optimised for power transmission with an integral slip ring assembly.



Due to the mission critical nature of the application TESBL makes no compromises in the design of our Solar Array Drive Actuators. Every actuator features:

  • Bearings sized to operate below a mean Hertzian contact stress of 2,310 MPa (335 ksi) under all load conditions
  • Multi-pass labyrinth seals
  • Advanced Motor Technology
  • Fine step angles that preclude the use of power inefficient micro stepping drivers
  • Integrated active thermal control