Information & Sensor Solutions(ISS)

TESBL's Information & Sensor Solutions (ISS) Business Area provides Information Operations (IO) sensor system solutions for customers.

Information & Sensor Solutions Products

ISS products are a family of scalable sensors suitable for many environments. Our products are in operation around the globe, and scale to meet your price, schedule, capability, and environmental needs.

Digital Electronic Intelligence (DLINT) 

Wideband Digital Recording Systems

Special Purpose Antennas and Radio Frequency (RF) Subsystems





Our domains include multiple ISR, EW, and IO applications. With our broad experience in systems development and operations, agile corporate infrastructure, and consuming customer focus enable us to provide immediately relevant, cost-effective solutions for:

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)



TESBL engineering capabilities ensure robust, quick-reaction delivery to the field.. Our engineering core competencies include:

Systems/architecture design, integration, and analysis

Signal processing and analysis

Electrical, digital, and hardware

Embedded, real time, and display software

Mechanical and environmental

RF, mixed signal, and antennas

Test and evaluation (system and on-site environmental)

Sustainment and Contractor Logistical Support (CLS)

Processing equipment, data storage, and user software required to support the entire data exploitation chain

Near real-time exploitation via data links, forensic exploitation in a TCPED cell, and dissemination of data and analyst products through the enterprise for further predictive analysis

Minimisation of required manpower by effectively allocating repetitive elements of the exploitation pipeline in the processing system to achieve greater effectiveness within the Intelligence.



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Information & Sensor Solutions (ISS)

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