TESBL at a Glance


At TESBL, we take an entrepreneurial approach to meeting our customers’ needs by developing innovative technological solutions in a rapid and agile production environment.

For our employees, TESBL strives to cultivate professional growth at every career stage. We believe in positive attitudes, team-play, purpose, work-life balance, collaboration, humility, persistence, discipline and trust as accelerators of productivity and fulfilment.


Provide rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions that exceed customer expectations.


Core Values

  • Best Talent

Identifying, attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business.

  •  Client Innovation

Enabling clients to become successful in their business and creating long term relationship with them.

  •  Global Reach

 Promoting global relationships, collaboration and delivering exceptional service to clients.

  • Individual Respect

Treating each person to reflect TESBL’s core values by valuing diversity and contributions in an open and inclusive environment

  • Honesty

Inspiring trust through confidence and by saying what we mean and taking responsibility for our actions

  • Integrity

Fulfilling our obligation to build a stronger and more durable company for future generations. Meeting our commitment to stake holders, acting with a owner mentality, developing our people and global environment by being ethically unyielding and promoting integrity by being honest.


Business Areas

Space Systems (SS)

Communications, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Mgmt (CNS/ATM)

Integrated Mission Systems (IMS)

Information & Sensor Solutions (ISS)


Current Initiatives

Unmanned Systems



Navigation & Guidance




 19 facilities

4 states

8 Countries

Locations in England, Germany and Estonia along with numerous customer support sites throughout the world.